License areas

Bilousivska-Chornukhy area

Chornukhy and Bilousivska fields were discovered in 50’s and 70’s. After short exploitation periods of discovered formations, both fields were considered as non-perspective and were conserved.

In 2001 Company obtained Special Permit for exploration and pilot development of Bilousivka-Chonukhy area. On the first stage, the G&G data of the fields was collected and re-interpreted and future work plan was established.


Development and exploutation

Company conducted re-processing and re-interpretation of seismic and geophysical data during 2009-2012. According to results of seismic using 3D method were identified perspectives of drilling the well # 116-A Bilousivska. The well # 116-A Bilousivska OGCF was drilled in the period from August 2009 to May 2010 with target depth of 4428m TD and where was tested a number of productive formations from T-1 to B-20.


Labor and environmental safety

Arab Energy Alliance UA cares about protection of life and health of its personnel and the environment. The main objective of our company is to provide safe working conditions as required by Ukrainian laws on labor and occupational safety.

To ensure that all work is done in accordance with the labor safety law, we have developed and enacted the Regulation on the Labor Safety Department, Regulation on the Procedure of Providing Personnel with Special Clothes, Special Footwear and Other Means of Individual Protection, and Regulation on the Procedure of Training in and Testing the Knowledge of Labor Safety.


Commercial activity


Arab Energy Alliance UA LLC sells all its production output, i.e., natural gas and gas condensate produced at the Bilousivsko-Chornukhinske and Northern Yablunivske licensed sites, only to Ukrainian consumers at internal auctions held by our company.

We always offer for sale:

  • gas condensate
  • natural gas
  • equipment and rigging
  • materials and spare parts



Income from main operations…
Taxes paid…


Corporate social responsibility

Arab Energy Alliance UA LLC continuously implements social projects at the national and local levels (in the Chornukhy and Lokhvytsia Regions where our licensed sites are located) in accordance with Ukrainian law, thus boosting our corporate social responsibility. In particular, we have implemented the following socially-oriented projects in the aforementioned districts of the Poltava Region: