Company conducted re-processing and re-interpretation of seismic and geophysical data during 2009-2012. According to results of seismic using 3D method were identified perspectives of drilling the well # 116-A Bilousivska. The well # 116-A Bilousivska OGCF was drilled in the period from August 2009 to May 2010 with target depth of 4428m TD and where was tested a number of productive formations from T-1 to B-20.

In accordance with license liabilities of North Yablunivska Area the company was drilled exploration directional well # 203-A with target depth of 4950m TD. The well has been achieved and successfully tested the productive formation of B-22 horizon. At this time the well is producing from this production horizon.

The drilling of development well # 9-A Bilousivska was started at the end of 3rd quarter of 2013. The well has been achieved a target depth of 3990m TD in November 2013. According to drilling data was conducted a clarifications for border of B-20l productive formation and geological structure of Bilousivske OGCF in this locality through Upper Visean sediments area. The company planned to drill a lateral hole from existing well # 9-A in the north-east line based on analysis in order to enter the B-20l productive formation and bring this pay zone to commercial development.

The company management decided to begin preparation works for drilling the new evaluation well # 20 Chornukhy GCF with design depth of 3750m TD to develop the remaining reserves of B-20u formation according to commercial development project. The deposits of C1 category of two formations B-17l and B-20u can be entered in apical part of Chornukhy structural high due to drilling this well which allow clearly described prospectivity of their further development.

Also, it would be more detailed learned the deposits of Lower Visean due to well enter the section to Tournai deposits.

The development of Bilousivske oil, gas and condensate field (OGCF) is performed by three wells^ BC#7, 17, 110 and Chornukhy gas and condensate field – by Ch#3-A.

Well NY#203-A is under pilot development on North-Yablunivske field.

Wells BC#7, 17 are producing with Gas Lift, BC#110 – was producing with GL during clean up from technical water period, then – flowing.

Ch#3-A is producing with wellhead compressor.

Wells BC#7, 17, 110 and Ch#3-A are connected to the Gas Plant at Bilousivske field, where treatment of gas is performed and its transfer to the Kursk-Kyiv pipeline.

Well NY#203-A is hooked up with inhibitor pump station and metering station, and connected to Yarivska Gas Plant.