We work with Open Palms Charitable Foundation, helping them implement various programs.

Arab Energy Alliance UA LLC continuously implements social projects at the national and local levels (in the Chornukhy and Lokhvytsia Regions where our licensed sites are located) in accordance with Ukrainian law, thus boosting our corporate social responsibility. In particular, we have implemented the following socially-oriented projects in the aforementioned districts of the Poltava Region:

  • assistance was provided under separate agreements to finance development of socioeconomic sphere in these districts;
  • assistance to Bilousivska secondary school in the form of multimedia systems to maintain academic process there at a proper level and provide the school’s students with all individual materials necessary for the upcoming academic year;
  • assistance to Chornukhy secondary school for children’s health improvement;
  • financing was provided for reconstruction of water supply system at Vyrishalne village, and other projects.

Social activities of Arab Energy Alliance UA LLC are not confined to the areas of our operation only, as our company also implements a wide range of social programs at the national level.