Exploration drilling in this area was conducted in 1975 ÷ 1986 when it was drilled a number of exploration wells, but wells operation was characterized by a sharp decline in the reservoir and the wellhead pressure, flow rates of gas and condensate. In 1986, taking into account the termination of the hydrocarbon production from the field due to falling reservoir pressure and a sharp decrease in productivity, the well had been eliminated.

In June 2010, the company tried to recover well, but it was not received commercial inflow of gas from the Lower-Visean Lower Carboniferous sediments.
In 2016 LLC “Arab Energy Alliance UA” held a re-interpretation of geophysical data Upper Visean sediments wells number 17, 111 and 13.


For carrying out the interpretation were involved leading a global and Ukrainian companies (“Weatherford” SE “Nezhinskaya EGDS», «Vikoil» LLC).
An integrated approach to the use of modern methodical techniques and software has allowed to identify a number of prospects in the Upper Visean sediments, which were previously considered unproductive.

For conducting workover number 17, 111, and 13 are involved the company “Smith Ukraine”, LLC “Weatherford Ukraine”, LLC “PPGR”, LLC “Pilot Drilling Technologies”. During the recovery work is planned to hold testing of perspective horizons. In the case of a positive result the company expects to receive from 15 to 35 Mcm of gas per day from each well.