Commercial activity


Arab Energy Alliance UA LLC sells all its production output, i.e., natural gas and gas condensate produced at the Bilousivsko-Chornukhinske and Northern Yablunivske licensed sites, only to Ukrainian consumers at internal auctions held by our company. In particular:

  • in 2013 we produced and sold 422 238,498 Mcf of natural gas and 24 192 Bbl of gas condensate
  • In 2014 we produced and sold 574 829,427 Mcf of natural gas and 33 437 Bbl of gas condensate
  • In 2015 we produced and sold 680 741,243 Mcf of natural gas and 33 157 Bbl of gas condensate
  • In 2016 we produced and sold 504 038,012 Mcf of natural gas and 26 541 Bbl of gas condensate.

We always offer for sale:

  • gas condensate
  • natural gas
  • equipment and rigging
  • materials and spare part


Our company organizes tenders for:

  • geophysical services
  • well drilling
  • well workover
  • well casing and flow line laying
  • procurement of fuels and lubricants
  • procurement of methanol
  • procurement of pipes
  • procurement of wellhead equipment
  • procurement/lease of compressor equipment
  • maintenance of compressor equipment
  • equipment and rigging maintenance service